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Inhaberin der Marke Baccara (inkl. der Rose) ist Mayte Mateos.


Mayte Mateos & Sala and the Strange Sounds

Yes Sir I can Boogie 2013

Sala & the Strange Sounds featuring

Mayte Mateos from Baccara

1977: At the height of Disco’s popularity, Spanish duo Baccara releases their first single, "Yes Sir I can Boogie." Almost overnight, they find themselves topping the charts worldwide- selling more than 15 million copies and reaching #1 in over twenty countries. Their success lives on to this day, with "Yes Sir I can Boogie" being the seventh best-selling single of all time.

2013: 35 years later Mayte Mateos, the voice of "Baccara," has re-recorded the song for the first time in collaboration with another artist- Sala & the Strange Sounds, one of the most exciting upcoming acts of 2012.

A musical fusion of generations and styles which will undoubtedly make headlines in 2013.

- Baccara:


35 years later, Mayte Mateos, the voice of Baccara, has decided to re-record this classic song for the first time in collaboration with one of the most promising bands of the moment, "Sala & the Strange Sounds."

- Sala & the Strange Sounds:

Established in London in 2010 by Spanish-Lebanese frontman Sala Elassir and Norwegian drummer Kjetil Hallre, their distinct sound and riotous stage act soon led the band to become a reference in the London circuit, where they recorded their debut album, "It’s alive!!" under the direction of Grammy-award winning producer Jonathan Quarmby (David Bowie & Jack Johnson amongst others), and mixed by Duncan "Pixie" Mills (the Vaccines, Glasvegas & Florence and the machine). Having toured in the US, Germany and France, a string of successes in Spain leads the band to move there, where they have established an ever-growing group of faithful followers: Their first release, "Count me out," was used by the Spanish National Soccer team for a campaign preceding the world cup in 2010, with follow up single "No Way" being used by FC Barcelona for another advertising campaign. Having successfully toured around the country, 2012 sees their establishment in the Spanish scene, interpreting a song for the blockbuster hit movie "Tengo Ganas de Ti" which was chosen as candidate for the Goya awards by the Spanish Film Academy for best original song.

- Yes Sir I Can Boogie 2013

Having moved to Madrid, the band meets Mayte Mateos from Baccara and subsequently proposes collaborating with her to re-record her biggest hit, "Yes Sir I can Boogie." According to the group, the idea was to give the song "a violent twist, but without losing its essence." Under the guidance of Baccara’s manager and artistic director, Tore Syvertsen, the new track begins to take shape, being recorded at Drax Studios in Madrid and then mixed and produced by Duncan Mills at Strongroom Studios in London.

The new single will be available on iTunes & Spotify on the 22nd of April 2013.


 Promofoto 2013 | Mayte Mateos & Sala          Photo of the offical Video of "Yes Sir, I Can Boogie"


Download "Yes Sir I can Boogie" mp3

Music Video on Youtube




Teaser - Yes Sir, I Can Boogie




official Video - Yes Sir, I Can Boogie


Promofoto 2013| Mayte Mateos & Sala


Interview in TVE 1 - 26.04.2013


Herzlichen Glückwunsch für den großen Erfolg der Premiere in Madrid !!! Congratulations for the great success of the premiere in Madrid !!!


Mayte und Paloma zusammen mit Sala & the Strange Sounds live auf der Bühne // Mayte and Paloma with Sala & the Strange Sounds live on stage


Hier einige Links über den Erfolg in Madrid // Here some links of the success in Madrid


El sol sale por el oeste con Mayte Mateos "la voz de Baccara" y Sala Elassir de Strange sounds.






Yes Sir I Can Boogie MTV winning song - Alaska y Mario - Mayte "the voice of Baccara"

with Sala & the Strange Sounds.






Baccara & Sala & The Strange Sound nominados a los Berlin Music Video Awards - RTVE - RIOJA - Logroño - Entrevista con Mayte Mateos la voz de Baccara 14.02.2014







Berlin Music Video Awards nominees: Sala & the Strange Sound feat. Mayte Mateos la voz de Baccara





Mayte Mateos & Sala & the Strange Sounds in Berlin with the Berlin Video Award.





The 3rd Place for Yes Sir I Can Boogie 2013 and Sala & the Strange Sounds feat. Mayte Mateos





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Spanish duo formed in 1977 by Mayte Mateos and Maria Mandiola. They quickly reached international stardom with a string of successful chart-topping hit singles which reached #1 around the world, including their disco classic "Yes Sir I can Boogie." This song was number one in over twenty countries including the UK, Germany, Ireland, Sweden, Norway, Holland, Switzerland, Austria, Australia and New Zealand. It is one of the fewer than 10 all-time singles to have sold 15 million copies worldwide, currently being #7 on the list of best-selling singles of all time.